After your first appointment with your coach, we suggest that you do the 28 day Self Assessment. This will allow both yourself, your coach as well as us, to see your progress. We have found that this tool has been very helpful for clients to really notice the changes that happen in their lives. Be sure to answer each day at the same time to train the brain to use it more efficiently.

Below we have provided some options for reporting.

Option 1

This will allow you to come to the website each day and fill out the daily Online Self Assessment Form.


Option 2

This will allow you to fill out a full 28 days in one submission (you must keep track each day on your own and fill in at the end of 28 days).


Option 3

This will allow you to download and print a full 28 day Self Assessment sheet. At the end of your 28 days, you can upload your form.


Option 3 Form Upload
Use this to upload your filled out 28 day Self Assessment sheet.