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Witness preparation/ Deposition

You win or lose a case by making sure your witness or client is properly prepared to answer questions. Typical Witness Prep can lower stress; but it cannot eliminate the negative effect of the stress. BSW can.

Witness preparation/ Divorce session

In a midst of a bitter divorce people often let the feelings of anger, hurt and betrayal take over. They lose control and perspective, they forget that there are no winners in this war but only collateral damage. BSW methodology equips you with unparalleled tools that allow you to keep your composure and make the best decisions for yourself and your children.

Witness preparation/ Witness Anxiety Session

From: $150.00

A trustworthy witness who is in charge of his/ hers emotions under stress can make or break a legal case. Months or even years of hard work and large amounts are often at stake. We make sure your witness will remain focused, calm and relatable under the most trying circumstances.